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My goal is to break African American generational curses. Ensure that we are in positions to pass things of value down. I want to create wealth within my community. Now more than ever it is important to build equity, I am providing the tools and knowledge to make ensure that all of this is possible with my award winning customer service at affordable rates. From credit repair to life coaching my goal is to create stability in people's lives.

Charrice Snipes

Chief Executive


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    Peer Education

    My goal is to impact a younger audience and promote mental health and awareness in the community. I focus on teaching and sharing health informational values and behaviors to create better opportunities for those of my similar background.

    $35 /month

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    Life Coaching

    It is my passion to create positive change and progress in people’s lives. With everything consistently changing my job is to help you attain and or maintain healthy relationships. I focus on the personal side of those relationships as well as your career and day-to-day routine. (Fitness and health plans also available)

    $50 /month

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    Credit Repair

    The customer is always right except when it comes to disputes. My goal is to make sure that all the information reporting from the credit bureaus are accurate and true. Once I identify the problem, I remove the negatives with 3 simple steps: Pay, settle or dispute. 6 months to a year is all I need. A win for me is a win for you.

    $89 /month


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